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As a world-renowned child therapist and infant specialist, Magda was a leader in the field of early childhood education. Magda was a dynamic personality and unforgettable to all who knew her – charming, bold, eloquent, authentic. The mission of Magda Gerber Legacy is to preserve and share the unique spirit of Magda’s teachings so that her guidance may continue to enlighten and inspire parents and early childhood professionals for generations to come. 

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Magda Gerber was a passionate advocate for both children and parents. She inspired us to recognize babies as whole people from birth who deserve our respect and should be welcomed into the world as “honored guests.” The transformative lens she offered and the respect for babies she taught and modeled for us have made caring for our children easier, more intriguing, and profoundly more rewarding. 

This site was created to share and honor her work.

Founding of RIE

Resources for Infant Educarers® (RIE®), a non-profit educational organization, was founded in 1978 by Magda Gerber and Dr. Tom Forrest. RIE offered the unique approach to infant care inspired by pediatrician Emmi Pikler which Magda titled Educaring. “We teach while we care.”  Magda created a groundbreaking model for parent education through her RIE parent-infant classes, where participants are encouraged to sit, relax and learn from their baby’s natural self-directed activities and observe demonstrations of respectful adult-child interactions by a RIE facilitator.  

Magda’s goal for RIE was to improve the quality of infant care, whether given in the home, in family daycare, or in a center-based setting.

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"Having Respect for the world is when you allow people to be what they are."

- Magda Gerber

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After Birth

Original RIE Manual

Time Alone

A baby can learn to spend time by himself. It is important for him to discover satisfaction and joy in his own independence. And, when the mother finishes with her own time, she can come back to her child and be able to fully concentrate on interacting with him without distraction.

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Magda’s Writings

Magda Gerber’s Basic RIE Principles

Respect is the Guideline of RIE’s Philosophy. The Educarer shows respect, for example, by not picking up an infant without telling him beforehand, by talking directly to him, and not over him, and by waiting for the child’s response. 

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