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Magda Gerber Audio

A collection of audio clips from featuring Magda Gerber from conference presentations and radio interviews.

1979 RIE Conference Keynote Speech

Are we adding one other to the endless list of child-rearing practices? Yes, we do, because we believe that our philosophy is different. Our goal is an authentic human being and our actions are guided by respect.

It is easy to use big words such as ‘authentic’ or ‘respect.’ It is difficult to put them into practice, especially under the pressure of every day life.


1995 RIE Conference Keynote Speech

Why is it the world’s most difficult profession to be a parent? For one thing, it is forever. You think it is only with young children. But I can tell you, I have grown-up grandchildren and after a phone call, when they tell me something, I have learned not to say anything… So, how can we help the world and train good educarers? By treating people the way you want them to treat the baby. Is it easy? No! It is easier to say the words than to consistently treat people with respect. Is it important to keep trying? Yes!


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