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Dear Magda

Let babies move without interference

Do babies need to be taught to walk? Sensory motor development happens as the first stage of the intellectual learning of babies. In many cultures, people have been led to think that unless infants are taught they don’t learn. All “normal” children learn to walk. Gross motor development happens naturally when an infant has plenty of space to move in a safe, age-appropriate, and challenging environment. When allowed to move freely and without interference children learn to move gracefully and securely and, through endless repetition and practice, they become well-balanced.

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Original RIE Manual

Quality Time

“Wants Nothing” Quality Time: just floor-sitting, being available, being there with all the senses awakened to the child; watching, listening, thinking of only that child.
“Wants Something” Quality Time: when you do have a goal to accomplish something together, such as dressing, bathing, feeding, etc. You can make sure the child knows that this time is different from your “Wants Nothing” time by actually saying, “Now I want to diaper you,” or “Now it’s time to get dressed,

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Magda’s Writings

Magda Gerber’s Basic RIE Principles

Respect is the Guideline of RIE’s Philosophy. The Educarer shows respect, for example, by not picking up an infant without telling him beforehand, by talking directly to him, and not over him, and by waiting for the child’s response. 

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