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Magda Gerber's Libary

Scroll down to view a partial list of books from Magda Gerber’s professional library.

36 Children,  Kohl, Herbert  1968

79 Ways to Calm a Crying Baby,  Greene, Diana S.  1988

A Baby’s First Year,  Spock, Benjamin  1964

A Beszedneveles, Beszedfejlestes es Beszelgetes Kezikonyve,    1955

A Child’s Journey,  Segal, Julius  1979

A Developmental Approach to Casefinding,  Haynes, Una  1969

A Guide to Culturally Sensitive Care,  Mangione, Peter  1995

A Guide to Team Teaching in Early Childhood Education,  Kostelnik, Marjorie K.  1972

A Gyermekben Erlelodik a Jovo,  Herman, Alice  1979

A Gyermek Lelki Fejlodese,  Wallon, H.  1947

A Gyermek nevelese a Chaladban 3 Eves Korig,  Pikler, Emmi Dr.  1959

A Healthy Personality for Your Child,    1952

A kiejtes, as Olvasas es az Iras Tanitasanak Fisiologiai Vantkozasai,  Barczi, Gusztav 

A Manual for Parents and Professionals,  Gerber, Magda  1987

A Review of Research on Parent Influences On Child Personality,  Frankiel, Rita V.  1959

A Wonderful World for Children,  Cardozo, Peter  1960

A Working Manual of Simple Program Evaluation Techniques for Community Mental Health Centers,  Hagedorn, Homer J.  1976

Active Learning for Infants,  Cryer, Debby  1987

Active Learning for Ones,  Cryer, Debby  1987

Adatok a Csecsemo Mazgasanak Fejlodesehez,  Pikler, Emmi Dr.  1969

Administration of Continuing Education,  Sha, Nathan C.  1969

Am Morgen des Lebens,  Karlsruhe, Badenia Verlag  1985

An Infant Rating Scale Its Validation and Usefulness,  Hoopes, Janet L.  1967

An Outline of General Psychology,  Fryer, Douglas H.  1950

Annual Progress in Child Psychiatry and Child Development 1968,  Chess, Stella MD  1968

Anyak Konyve,  Pikler, Emmi Dr.  1963

Atmenetek Iskolaig,  Herman, Alice  1970

Autistic Children,  Wing, Lorna  1974

Az Egeszseges Gyermek Fejlodese Es Gondozasa 3 Eves Koring,  Pikler, Emmi Dr.  1961

Babies are Human Beings,  Aldrich, C. Anderson  1938

Baby and Child Care,  Spock, Benjamin  1967

Baby Massage,  Auckett, Amelia  1985

Becoming the Parent You Want to Be,  Keyser, Janis  1997

Behavioural States and the Expression of Emotions in Early Infancy,  Wolff, Peter H.  1987

Better Homes and Gardens Baby Book, A Handbook for Mothers,  Shultz, Gladys Denny  1943

Better Homes and Gardens Baby Book, How to reais a happy healthy baby,    1970

Between Generations,  Galinsky, Ellen  1982

Between Parent and Child,  Ginott, Haim G.  1956

Between Parent and Teenager,  Ginott, Haim G.  1971

Beyond Self-Esteem, Developing a Genuine Sense of Human Value,  Curry, Nancy E.  1990

Beyond the Best Interests of the Child,  Goldstein, Joseph  1973

Birth to One Year,  Segal, Marilyn  1983

Birth, Interaction and Attachment,  Klaus, Marshall H.  1982

Born Dancing,  Thoman, Evelyn B.  1988

Breaking Down the Wall of Scilence,  Miller, Alice  1991

Bringing Up Baby,  Gerber, Dan  1972

Bringing Up Your Child,  Loczier, Reinhard V.  1943

Caring for the Developing Child,  Marhoefer, Patricia E.  1988

Centuries of Childhood,  Aries, Philippe  1962

Character Development: Encouraging Self-Esteem & Self-Discipline in Infants, Toddlers and Two-Year-Olds,  Greenberg, Polly  1991

Child and Adolescent Development,  Snadowsky, Alvin  1973

Child Care Information Exchange Issue No 51,    1986

Child Day Care,  Cook, Jackqueline T.  1985

Child Development Abstracts and Bibliography Vol. 46 No. 1&2,  Harris, Dale B.  1972

Child Development and Personality,  Mussen, Paul Henry  1969

Child Development in Normally and Psychopathology,  Bemporad, Jules R.  1980

Child Development Point of View,  Hymes, James L.  1955

Child Development, A systematic and Empirical Theory,  Bijou, Sidney  1961

Child Psychology,  Crow, Lester and Alice  1969

Childcare and the Growth of Love,  Bowlby, John  1955

Child-Centered Group Guidance of Parents,  Slavson, S. R.  1974

Childcraft,    1954

Childhood and Adolescence,  Stone, L. Joseph  1957

Children and Their Mothers,  Reich, Hanns  1963

Children Apart,  Wing, Lorna  1974

Children Development Through Adolescence,  Clarke-Stewart, Alison  1983

Children In Day Care,  Dittmann, Laura L.  1967

Children Tell Stories,  Pitcher, Evelyn Godeniugh  1973

Children the Challenge,  Dreikurs, Rudolf  1964

Children Through the Ages,  Greenleaf, Barbara Kay  1978

Children Who Hate,  Redl, Frits  1951

Children’s Games from Many Lands,  Millen, Nina  1958

Choosing Child Care, A guide for parents,  Auerbach, Stevanne  1976

Conjoint Family Therapy,  Satir, Virginia M  1964

Contributions to Modern Pschology,  Dulany, Don E.  1958

Creative Child Plumbing,  O’Neil, Michelle Leclaire  1993

Creative Power: The Education of Youth in the Creative Arts,  Mears, Hoghes  1958

Crybabies Coping with Colic,  Weissbluth, Marc  1985

Crying,  Wipfler, Patty  1990

Crying Babies Sleepless Nights,  Jones, Sany  1983

Daddy, The Diary of an Expectant Father,  Danzinger, Dennis  1987

Day Care for Infants,  Evans, E. Belle  1972

Determinants of Infant Behaviour III,  Foss, B. M.  1965

Distress and Cmfort,  Dunn, Judy  1977

Doctor and Child,  Brazelton, T. Berry MD  1976

Don’t Push Me ,  Spears, Harold   1960

Dr. Spock, An American Life,  Maier, Thomas  1998

Dr. Turtle’s Babies,  Turtle, William John  1973

Dynamics of Development: Euthenic Pediatrics,  Whipple, Dorothy v>  1966

Early Childcare in Hungary,  Herman, Alice  1972

Early Childhood Education,  Hymes, James L.  1975

Early Childhood Services: A National Challenge,  The Ford Foundation  1989

Early Education,  Hess, Robert D.  1969

Early Learning Activities,  Young, Ethel  1981

Education for Parenthood,    1977

Education of the Young Child, An Nursery School Manual,  Landreth, Catherine  1949

Emotion: Bodily Change, En Enduring Problem in Psychology,  Candland, Douglas  1962

Endangered Minds, Why Children Don’t Think and What We Can Do About It,  Healy, Jane M.  1990

Enek-zene az Ovodaban,  Diener, Klara 

Etelmi Emaras Ertelmi Fejlodes as Ovodas Otthonkban,  Herman, Alice  1967

Every Parent’s Guide to Day Care Centers,  Goad, Marcine H.  1975

Evolution’s End,  Pearce, Joseph Chilton  1991

Exceptional Infant, Volume 2, Studies in Abnormalities,  Hellmuth, Jerome  1968

Experience & Education,  Dewey, John  1938

Father Journal,  Steinberg, David  1977

First Feelings,  Greenspan, Stanley MD  1985

First Steps in a Grown-Up World: The Preschool Child,  Karlan, Mary Edge  1952

Follow Me,  Torbert, Marianne  1980

Follow Me Too,  Schneider, Lynne B. 

Games Babies Play,  Lansky, Vicki  1993

Genetics Heredity, Environment and Personality,  Honegger-Lavater, Warja  1962

Good Beginnings, Parenting in the Early Years,  Evans, Judith  1982

Good Schools for Young Children,  Hammond, Saral Lou  1963

Growing Up in Pasadena,  Wood, Denise  1986

Growing Young,  Montagu, Ashley  1983

Guide to the Literature in Psychiatry,  Ennis, Bernice  1971

Guiding Young Children, A Child-Centered Approach,  Reynolds, Eleanor  1990

Gyermek-gyogyazat Vol 46 No 1,    1995

Gyermeklelektan,  Merei, Ferenc  1972

Happyly Ever Afer,  Wilt, Joy  1977

He Tol Me Not To Tell,  Fay, Jennifer  1979

Healing the Child Within,  Whitfield, Charles L.  1987

Hearing Children’s Fears,  Wipfler, Patty  1990

Helping Young Children Flourish,  Solter, Aletha J.  1989

Heredity, Race and Society,  Dunn, L. C.  1956

History of Childhood Quarterly Vol. 1 No. 4,    1974

Ho to Give Children an Emotional Head Start,  Riekerk, marion 

How Childern Fail,  Holt, John  1964

How Natural Childbirth Can Protect you and Your Baby,  Phelps, Deegie  1979

How to Develop Your Child’s Intelligence,  Getman, G. N.  1958

How to Have a Smarter Baby,  Ludingon-Hoe, Susan Dr.  1985

How to Play wiith Your Child,  Arnold, Arnold  1955

How to Protect Your Child,  Accas, Gene  1968

How to Raise Your Kids on Their Own Two Feet,  Sanderson, Jim  1983

How to Really Love Your Child,  Campbell, Ross  1979

Human Development,  Gordon, Ira J.  1962

Imagination, Key to Human Potential,  McVickar, P.  1972

In My Room, Designing for and With Children,  Torrice, Antonio  1989

In the Beginning There Were No Words, Thu Universe of Babies,  Gttegno, Caleb  1973

Infant & Toddler Programs,  Cataldo, Christine Z.  1983

Infant and Child in The Culture of Today,  Gesell, Arnold  1943

Infant Behavior and Development,  Rovee-Collier, Carolyn  1986

Infant Care,  US DoL  1934

Infant Care,  US DoH  1970

Infant Education,  Painter, Genevieve  1968

Infant/Toddler Caregivers in Center-Based Programs,    1989

Infantile Autism,  Rimland, Bernard  1964

Infants, their Social Environments,  Weissbourd, Bernice  1981

Institution or Foster Family, A Century of Debate,  Wolins, Martin  1964

International Journal of Early Childhood Vol 27 No. 1,    1995

International Journal of Early Childhood, V19, No 2,  Weininger, Otto  1987

International Journal of Early Childhood, V20, No 2,  Weininger, Otto  1987

Introduction to Child Development,  Lawton, Joseph T.  1982

Is My Baby All Right,  Apgar, Virginia  1972

Jane Fonda’s Workout Book for Pregnancy, Birth and Recovery,  DeLyser, Femmy  1982

Knowing and Enjoying Your Baby,  Sroufe, Alan  1977

Knowing and Enjoying Your Baby,  Sroufe, Alan  1977

Language Development and Communication,  Lally, Ronald  1992

Le Bebe an Garderie,  Martin, Jocelyne  1992

Leading a Parent Resource Group,  Wipfler, Patty  1990

Learning Disorders in Children: Sibling Studies,  Forrest, Thomas  1971

Learning Games, For the First Three Years,  Sparling, Joseph  1979

Learning Through Play,  Chance, Paul  1979

Learning to Learn, An Approach to Study Skills,  Borenstein, Sasha  1985

Let’s Have Healthy Children,  Davis, Adelle  1981

Letters to Tricia, Loving words of wisdom, advice and help for the new mother,  Holmes, Carl A.  1966

L’Evil do votre enfant,  Truchis-Leneveu  1966

Listening Perspectives in Psychotherapy,  Hedges, Lawrence E.  1983

Listening to Children: Tantrums and Indignation,  Wipfler, Patty 

Listening to the Littlest,  Reardon, Ruth 

Listenting,  Wipfler, Patty  1989

Looking IN, Looking Out, Redefining Child Care and Early Education in a Diverse Society,  Chang, Hedy Nai-lin  1996

Love & Power,  Austin, Glenn  1988

Love and Anger,  Smalin, Nancy  1991

Love Is A Little Child,  Ehrhards, Eleanor  1959

Loving and Learning, Interacting with your child from birth to three,  McDiarmid, Norma  1975

Mama, Listen Raising a Child Without Violence,  Beaglehole, Ruth  1998

Maternal Care and Mental Health,  Bowlby, John  1966

Metamorphosis, On the Development of Affect, Perception, Attention and Memory,  Schachtel,  Ernest G.  1959

Miseducation, Preschoolers at Risk,  Elkind, David  1987

Modern Perspectives in Child Development,  Solnit, Albert J  1963

Moral Education,  Ladenburg, Thomas and Muriel  1978

Moral Education,  Scharf, Peter  1978

Mother and Child,  Davis, Edward P.  1911

Mother/child Father/child Relationships,  Stevens, Joseph H. Jr.  1978

Motherhood Your First 12 Months,  Insel, Doborah  1982

Mothering, The Developing Child,  Schaffer, Rudolph  1977

Multicultural Issues in Childcare,  Gonzales-Mena, Janet  1993

NAEYC Annual Conference Final Program 1993, Anaheim, CA,    1975

National Clearinghouse for Mental Health Information, Abstracts,  Rothbeb, Carrie Lee  1971

National Head Start Association Vol 7, No 4,    1989

Natural Medicine for Children,  Scott, Julian  1990

Natural Parenthood,  LeShan, Eda J.   1970

Ne Visions for the Developmental Assessment of Infants and Young Children,  Msisels, Samuel J.  1996

Nevellomunka az Ovodaban,  Foldesi Klara  1961

Nighttime Parenting,  Sears, William 

No Bored Babies,  Shea, Jan Fischer  1986

No Time To Waste,  Seligson, Michelle  1989

Notes for Parents,  Gattegno, Caleb  1979

Nutrition During Pregnancy and Lactation,  Cunningham, George C.  1975

Of Children An Introduction to Child Development,  Lefrancois, Guy R.  1973

On the Importance of Infancy,  Frank, Lawrence K.  1966

Once My Child Now My Friend,  Lenz, Elinor  1981

One Child Indivisible,  Andrews, J. D.  1975

Oneness and Separateness, from infant to individual,  Kaplan, Louise J.  1978

Ourselves and Our Children, A Book By and for Parents,  Sanford, Wendy Coppedge  1978

Parent Effectiveness Training,  Gordon, Thomas  1972

Parenting Principles and Politics of Parenthood,  Calihan, Sidney Cornelia  1974

Parenting Terrific 2-Year_Olds: What Really Works,  Stecker, Barbara L.  1994

Parentmaking: A Practical Handbook for Teaching Parent Classes About Babies and Toddlers,  Whiteley, Carol  1981

Parents Answer Book, What your child ought to know about sex,  Solar, Sharlotte del  1969

Parents Book of Toilet Teaching,  Cole. Joanna  1983

Parents’ Encyclopedia of Infancy, Childhood, & Adolescence,  Levine, Milton I.  1973

Parents in Modern America,  LeMasters, E. E.  1970

Parents, Please Don’t Sit On Your Kids,  Cherry, Clare  1985

Patterns of Child Rearing,  Sears, Robert R.  1957

Patterns of Mothering,  Brody, Sylvia  1956

Per Una Crescita Libera,  Pikler, Emmi Dr.  1969

Personality in Young Children,  Murphy, Lois Barclay  1956

Personality in Young Children,  Murphy, Lois Barclay  1956

Pictures of a Childhood,  Miller, Alice  1986

Play Interactions,  Brown,Catherine Caldwell  1985

Play Listening,  Wipfler, Patty  1990

Please Don’t Sit on the Kids,  Cherry, Clare  1983

Positive Discipline for Preschoolers,  Nelsen, Jane  1995

Preapring for Parenthoos,  Salk, Lee Dr.  1974

Preparing to Bring Baby Home,  Evenflow Guide  1984

Problems in Child Behavior and Development,  Senn, Milton J. E.  1968

Proceedings of the 8th Annual National Dropout Prevention Conference,    1996

Project Head Start, Speech, Language and Hearing Program,    

Providing the Best for Young Children,  McCarthy, Jan  1974

Psychoanalysis of Childre,  Klein, Melanie  1960

Psychology, An Individualized Course,  Morgan, Richard L.  1972

Psychopathology of Childhood,  Kessler, Jane W.  1966

Psychosocial Development of Children,  Josselyn, Irene M.  1949

Psychotherapy with Children,  Moustakas, Clark E.  1970

Psychotherapy with Children,  Moustakas, Clark E.  1959

Pszichoszomatikus Zavaro Gyermek es Ifjukorban,  Demcsakne, Kelen Ilona Dr.  1982

Reaching for your Angryy Child,  Wipfler, Patty  1990

Reading Writing and Speech Problems in Children,  Orton, Samuel Torrey  1937

Readings in Human Development,    1975

Readings in the Psychology of Paren-Child Relations,  Medinnus, Gene R.  1967

Redirecting Children’s Behavior,  Kvols, Kathryn J.  1998

Responsible Parenthood,  Kilman, Gilbert W.  1980

Save Your Baby, Throw Out Your Equipment,  Sobell, Laura  1994

Se Mouvoir en Libert des le Premier Age,  Pikler, Emmi Dr.  1979

Se Mouvoir en Libert des le Premier Age,  Pikler, Emmi Dr.  1979

Sensory Awareness,  Brooks, Charles V. W.  1974

Separation,  Jervis, Kathe  1987

Social Responsiveness of Infants,  Thoman, Evelyn B.  1978

Social Responsiveness of Infants,  Thoman, Evelyn B.  1978

Solve Your Child’s Sleep Problems,  Ferber, Richard MD  1985

Special Time,  Wipfler, Patty  1989

Spontaneous Activity in Education,  Montessori, Maria  1965

Stepchild in the Family,  Simon, Anne W.  1964

Suffer Little Children,  Rafferty, Max  1962

Supporting and Empowering Parents,  Wipfler, Patty  1989

Supporting the Growth of Infants, Toddlers and Parents,  Jones, Elizabeth  1979

Susy: a Childhood,  Neider, Charles  1966

Tanulmanyok az Ovodai Munkara Neveles Korebol,  Bakonyne Vince Agnes  1965

Teach Your Baby to Sleep Through the Night,  Schaefer, Charles E.  1987

Teaching and Evaluation Strategies,    1980

The ABS of Child Care,  Fromme, Allan  1971

The American Orthopsychiatric Association Annual Meeting: Challenging Established Doctrines, The impact of cultural and Societal Forces on Mental Health,    1990

The Authentic Person, Dealing with Dilemma,  Harris, Sydney J.  1972

The Centerning Book,  Hendricks, Gay  1975

The Challenge of Children,  Blanton, Smiley  1961

The Challenging Face of Childhood,  Garland, Madge  1963

The Child,  Oppenhein, Nathan  1899

The Child and Society, The Process of Socialization,  Elkin, Frederik  1966

The Child of Your Dreams,,  Huxley, Laura  1987

The Child the Family and the Outside World,  Winnicott, D. W.  1965

The Children, Poems and Prose from Bedford-Stuyvesant,  Benig, Irving  1971

The Communication Game,  Reilly, Abigail Peterson  1980

The Developing Child,  Bruner, Jerome S.  1977

The Developing Child,  Bruner, Jerome S.  1980

The Disappearance of Childhood,  Postman, Neil  1982

The Dynamic Infant,  Bailey, Rebecca Anne  1982

The Early Childhood Educator at Work,  Almy, Millie  1975

The Effects of Early Childhood Care Arrangements on Kindergarten Academic Achievement,  Paul, Jacquelyn Anne  1991

The Emotional Life of the Toddler,  Lieberman, Alicia F.  1993

The Eye of Childhood,  Korenberg, Morton  1972

The Family Bed,  Thevenin, Tine  1976

The Feeling Child,  Janov, Arthur  1977

The First Five Years of Life,  Gesell, Arnold  1940

The first Twelve Months of Live,  Caplan, Frank  1973

The Growth of Sociability,  Schaffer, H.R.  1971

The Havnig of Wondeful Ideas,  Duckworth, Eleanor  1987

The History of Education,  Thompson, Merrit  1956

The Hopi Child,  Dennis, Wayne  1940

The Hygienic Care of Children,  Shelton, Herber M.  1970

The Infants We Care for,  Dittmann, Laura L.  1973

The Infants We Care for,  Dittmann, Laura L.  1973

The Inner Voices of Children,  Despert, J. Louise, MD  1975

The Inner World of Childhood,  Wickes, Frances G.  1968

The Intelligent Parent’s Guide to Raising Children,  Jones, Eve  1961

The Kindergarten Guide,  Kraus-Boelte, Maria 

The Kindergarten Guide First Volume,  Kraus-Boelte, Maria  1906

The Magic Years,  Fraiberg, Selma H.  1959

The Mechanical Baby,  Beekman, Daniel  1977

The Mother Book,  Smith, Liz  1978

The Myths of Motherhood,  Thurere, Shari L.  1994

The Neural-Muscular Maturation of the Human Infant,  McGraw, Myrtle B.  1966

The New Childbirth,  Wright, Erna  1971

The Nurturing Parent,  Dacey, John S.  1972

The Ordianry is Extra-Ordinary,  Dombro, Amy Laura  1988

The Organization Baby,  Bannister, Constance  1967

The Personality of the Preschool Child, The Child’s Search for His Self,  Wolff, Werner  1946

The Process of Child Development,  Neubauer, Peter B  1976

The Process of Education,  Bruner, Jerome S.  1963

The Psychological Development of the Child,  Mussen, Paul Henry  1963

The Psychology of Play,  Millar, Susanna  1971

The Rights of Infants,  Ribble, Margaret A.  1965

The Roots of Individuality,  Escalona, Sibylle, K.  1968

The Second Twelve Months of Life,  Caplan, Frank  1980

the Secret Heart of Child Care,  Keister, Mary Elizabeth  1973

The Security of Infants,  Flint, Betty Margaret  1959

The Self-Calmed Baby,  Sammons, William A.H.  1991

The Self-Respecting Child,  Stallibrass, Alison  1970

The Siege, the first eight years of an autistic child,  Park, Clara Claiborne  1967

The Silent Language,  Hall, Edward T.  1959

The Social Infant,  Stone, L. Joseph  1978

The Story of Psychoanalisys,  Freeman, Lucy 

The Sun’s Not Broken A Cloud’s Just in The Way,  Clemens, Sydney Guresitz  1983

The Troubled Child,  Moak, Helen  1959

The Untouched Key,  Miller, Alice  1990

The Value Tale lf Helen Keller, The Value of Deterrmination,  Johnson, Ann Donegan  1975

The way of a Child,  Harwood, A. C.  1967

The Way to Happiness,  Hubbard, L. Ron  1983

The World of the Child,  Talbot, Toby  1968

The Worlds of Childhood, US and USSR,  Bronfenbrenner, Urie  1970

The” Good Life” Fir Infants and Toddlers,  Keister, Mary Elizabeth  1970

Things to Do with Toddlers and Twos,  Miller, Karen  1984

Thinking Is Child Play,  Sharp, Evelyn  1969

Thou Shalt Not Be Aware,  Miller, Alice  1986

Three Babies,  Church, Joseph  1966

Three Babies,  Church, Joseph  1966

Three Theories of Child Development,  Maier, Henry, W.  1965

To Change a Child,  Powledge, Fred  1974

To Give an Edge, A guide fro new parents of down’s syndrome children,  Horrobin, J. Margaret  1975

To Love a Baby,  Jones, Sany  1981

Today He Can’t Tomorrow He Can, A Comprehensive guide to Educational Materials,  Streepey, Sandra  1971

Toilet Training In Less Than A Day,  Azrin, Nathan  1974

Training Parents to Teach,  Grim, Janet  1994

Two Years Without Sleep,  Feldman, Cathy  1993

Understanding Children,  Harrison, Jeannette  1991

Understanding the Human Being,  Montanaro, Silvana Quattocchi  1987

Understanding Your Child From Birth to Three,  Church, Joseph  1976

Valuing Diversity: The Primary Years,  McCracken. Janet Brown  1993

Wayward Youth,  Aichhorn, August  1960

What Is Quality Child Care,  Caldwell, Bettye M.  1983

What Ivan Knows That Johnny Doesn’t,  Trace, Arther S.  1961

What to Expect The First Year,  Eisenberg, Arlene  1989

What We Owe Children,  Gattegno, Caleb  1970

Whole Child Whole Parent,  Berends, Polly Berrien  1975

Why Young Mothers Feel Trapped,  Stein, Rober  1965

With Nature’s Children,  Palmquist, Peter E.  1976

Without Spanking or Spoiling,  Crary, Elizabeth  1993

You and Your Baby,  Rutherrford, Frederick W.  1971

You Are Your Child’s First Teacher,  Baldwin, Rahima  1989

Your Baby’s First 30 Months,  Barber, Lucie W.  1981

Your Baby’s Mind and How It Grows,  Pulaski, Mary Ann Specer   1962

Your Child and You,  Gruenberg, Sidonie  1950

Your Child from One to Six,  Granger, Richard H.  1980

Your Child is a Person,  Chess, Stella MD 

Your Child Today,  Edwards, Morton  1955

Your Child’s Self-Esteem,  Briggs, Dorothy Corkille  1975

Your Two-Year Old, terrible or tender,  Ames, Louise Bates  1980

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